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À— at, in, to)
À cote dev— beside, next door
Auprés de— next to
Apres— after
Au— at
Autour— around
Avant— before
Avec— with
Contre— against
Dans— in, into, within
De— of, from, by, to
De, Depuis— from, out of, since
Derriere— behind
Devant— in front of
En— In, into, within
Entre— between
Jusqu’— as far as
Jusqu’if— until, as far as
Jusqu’au— until the last
Hors— outside
Parmi— among
Pies de— near
Pedant que/qu’ — during
Pendant, pour— for (ongoing or future)
Pour— for (past)
Prés— near; nearby
Puisque/pusiqu’— since (when reasoning)
Sous— under, below
Sans— without
Sur— on, on top of, over, above
Vers— toward

Note: The letter “A/a” is a conjugated form of "to have." À/à with a grave accent denotes the preposition "at, in, to".

Opposing Prepositions

Dans, Hors— inside, outside
Avec, Contre— with, against
Devant, Derriere— in front of, behind
Sur, Sous— on top of, underneath
Avec, Sans— with, without
Avant, Aprés— before, after
Prés, Loin— near, far

Prepositional Phrases

Sur le point de— about to ("on the point of")
En train de— in the middle of ("in train of")

Cinq Nord | A French Language Sandbox