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Types of Verbs in French

There are three groups of French verbs, defined by their different suffixes: -er, -ir, and -re. About 90% of all French verbs are of the -er type.

acheter— to purchase, to buy
adorer— to love
aimer— to prefer
aller / S’en aller— to go
announcer— to announce
appeler— to call; to call for; to page
apporter— to bring
apprendre— to learn
arriver— to arrive
attendre— to wait; to wait for
boire— to drink
changer— to exchange
chercher— to look for
choisir— to choose; to purchase; to buy
danser— to dance
demander— to ask
détester — to detest
donner— to give
donner sur— to look out on
écouter— to listen to
écrire— to write
emmener— to take
enseigner— to teach
entrer— to enter
envoyer— to send
étudier— to study
essayer— to try
expliquier— to explain
fermer— to close
gagner— to earn
garder— to guard; to keep; to retain
habiter— to live
laver / Se laver— to wash/to wash oneself
jouer— to play
louer— to rent
manger— to eat
monter— to go up; to ascend; to take up; to bring up; to mount
montrer— to show
parler— to speak; to talk
partir— to leave; to depart
payer— to pay for
passer— to go; to pass
penser— to think
placer— to place
porter— to carry
prononcer— to pronounce
raconter— to tell
rappeler— to call back (to recall; to remember)
rencontrer— to meet
regarder— to look at, to watch
remplacer— to replace
rendre— to give (back), to return
rendre visite à— to visit (a person)
réver de — to dream about
rentrer— to return
ressortir— to come back out
reporter— to go back
retrouver— to meet (to find) (I’ll find you later.)
sembler— to seem
sortir— to go out; to leave; to publish
tomber— to fall
travallier— to work
trouver— to find
utiliser— to use
visiter— to visit (a place)
voter— to fly


avoir— to have
courir— to run; to race
couvrir— to cover
devoir— to have to; must
dire — to say
dormir— to sleep
pouvoir— to be able; can
revoir— to see again
savoir— to know (how)
Sentir— to feel; to smell; to perceive
tenir— to hold; to grasp
venir— to come
voir — to see
vouloir— to want


croire— to believe
connaître— to know; to be acquainted
descendre— to go down; to get off
entendre— to hear
éteindre— to extinguish; to shut down; to turn off
faire— to do; to make
lire— to read
mettre / se mettre— to put; to place; to put on / to begin; to start; to place oneself
pendre— to take
poursuivre— to pursue
répondre (à)— to answer
suivre— to follow
Vendre— to sell

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