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Avoir Phrases

There are several common actions in English that depend upon the infinitive "to be" or other infinitives. Their French equivalents are based on avoir:

avoir besoin de— to need to; in need of
avoir envie de— to feel like
avoir peur de— in fear of
avoir chaud— to be warm or hot
avoir l'air— to seem (to have the air of)
avoir l'habitude de— to be used to; to be accustomed to
avoir de la chance— to be lucky
avoir lieu— to take place
avoir froid— to be cold
avoir faim— to be hungry
avoir soif— to be thirsty
avoir sommeil— to be sleepy
avoir raison— to be right
avoir tort— to be wrong
avoir honte— to be ashamed
avoir mal— to be in pain; to have an ache

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